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Autoimmune diseases. The usefulness of forgetting. The paths…

Sciences analyze how autoimmune diseases work. The problem comes when the body incorrectly identifies a normal protein as a threat. When that happens, the B cell selection process produces what are known as autoantibodies that prove very effective at harming our own bodies.

“Over time, the B cells that initially produce the ‘winning’ autoantibodies begin to recruit other B cells to produce additional damaging autoantibodies – just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water”, says Degn. This has only been examined in mice so far, but the researchers now want to use the confetti model to look at how B cell production of autoantibodies is regulated and gets sped up.

Eventually, blocking the germinal centres in some way could put a break in the vicious cycle that autoimmune diseases create. It would effectively block the immune system’s short term memory, but that kind of treatment is still a long way off. (1)

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Sometimes forgetting is useful.

Helping you start over when the path chosen is wrong.

The path of righteousness is a difficult path. Almost impossible to choose. You walk happy and free of sorrow. In the path of evil. Nonetheless, you don’t see evil. You see righteousness. But it is too easy. Too good to be true. Something is wrong. You see death at the end and start questioning the path. Why would that path lead there?

You try to forget what you think you know.

You try to remember.

Yes, there is another path. A darker path.

A path crossing through the dark alleys of death.

A path leading to life…

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