The last time…

We all like to remember the first time we did something…

The first day in school.

Our first kiss.

Our first car.

The first day we went on a trip.

But life is not only about first times. Life is full of last times as well. And if the former include a promise and a window to the unknown, the latter contain the key to the door left closed behind you. And it is that key which you need to hold closely guarded while travelling in the dark forest of existence…

The last time you saw your friend.

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The last day you slept in your old house.

The last kiss before a big separation.

The last time you sensed your grandmother’s touch.

These are the memories which define you. And if the promise held by the first times is what makes you touch God, the sadness held by those last moments is what makes you more human. Take a good care of these lasts moments. They are not just some memories. They are you.

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