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  • Algorithms. Jail. Peoples’ lives.

    An algorithm takes decisions about peoples’ live and decides whether and how they will potentially go to jail again. The algorithm is one of many making decisions about people’s lives in the United States and Europe. Local authorities use so-called predictive algorithms to set police patrols, prison sentences and probation rules. In the Netherlands, an […]

  • Being afraid of Nothing…

    Being afraid of Nothing…

    Scientists have created the fastest spinning object ever made, taking them a big step closer to being able to measure the mysterious quantum forces at play inside ‘nothingness’. The record-breaking object will pave the way for scientists to detect unfathomably small amounts of drag caused by the ‘friction’ within a vacuum. The science of nothingness […]

  • Reverse evolution 2.

    Reverse evolution 2.

    Turtle ant soldiers scuttle to and from sporting shiny, adorably oversized heads, which they use to block the entrances of their nests — essentially acting as living doors. Not all heads are shaped alike: some soldiers have ones that resemble manhole covers and perfectly seal tunnel entrances. Others have square heads, which they assemble into […]

  • Quantum… time? Quantum… cosmos?!

    Quantum… time? Quantum… cosmos?!

    An international group of physicists led by Stevens Institute of Technology, University of Vienna and University of Queensland reveal the quantum properties of time, whereby the flow of time doesn’t observe a straight arrow forward, but one where cause and effect can co-exist both in the forward and backward direction. To show this scenario, researchers […]

  • Trees dying… Don’t care…

    Trees dying… Don’t care…

    Joshua trees facing extinction: They outlived mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. But without dramatic action to reduce climate change, new research shows Joshua trees won’t survive much past this century. (1) What does it matter? Trees are eternal. We die. Worms live forever. The universe is Ephemeral. The world doesn’t care for existence. It is existence […]