Against atheism, in one simple sentence…

Atheists claim a lot many things. (too many for people who claim to ‘believe nothing’, but that is another story)

But most important of all, is their claim that we – humans – are nothing more than matter obeying the laws of nature.

This alone, is the greatest flaw in their arguments.

For if we are only matter, why should we care about anything?

If we are just random sets of particles, why care about philosophy, truth, justice, ethos, compassion? Why care about whether we are humane or evil? Why care if we are honest or dishonest?

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At the end, it all comes down to the things we believe concerning our very existence. What is life, what is death, what is Being per se. And the answer we give to the simplest questions in life, determine our stance in everything.

So the next time an atheist tries to spell out his “We are just matter” mantra, simply ask him…

In a world made of matter, what does anything matter?

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