Endless days… Time… Infinity… Zero…

A Duke University researcher has a new explanation for why those endless days of childhood seemed to last so much longer than they do now – physics. According to Adrian Bejan, the J.A. Jones Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Duke, this apparent temporal discrepancy can be blamed on the ever-slowing speed at which images are obtained and processed by the human brain as the body ages. As tangled webs of nerves and neurons mature, they grow in size and complexity, leading to longer paths for signals to traverse. As those paths then begin to age, they also degrade, giving more resistance to the flow of electrical signals. These phenomena cause the rate at which new mental images are acquired and processed to decrease with age — infants process images faster than adults, their eyes move more often, acquiring and integrating more information. The end result is that, because older people are viewing fewer new images in the same amount of actual time, it seems to them as though time is passing more quickly. [1]

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Time passes by. No matter what we do.

In the beginning we processed everything.

At the end, we will process nothing.

The result is not different, but all the same.

Analyze everything and you reach a point where analysis will be pointless.

Analyze nothing and you will realize that you have analyzed everything.

Infinity is born from zero.

Zero lies within infinity.

Drawing circles on the ephemeral sand.

Erased by the breeze beside the sea.

Look at that ant walking.

It may never reach its destination.


Does it have to?

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