Do you know when you will die?

AI developed to know when a person is going to die. A paper published in Nature suggests that feeding electronic health record data to a deep learning model could substantially improve the accuracy of projected outcomes. (1)

We are all unaware when we are going to die.

Is this lack of knowledge a blessing or a curse?

For some this is a blessing. Not knowing when you will die makes you able to live. Otherwise you would be consumed by the fear of death and you would end up being a walking zombie crushed by the weight of imminent nothingness. The knowledge of death makes most people anxious. How can you live if you are constantly reminded that you will die?

But yet again, our assumptions drive our conclusions…


What was mentioned above is the case only if you believe that death is a gate to nothingness. Christianity (and many other philosophies) claim the we should be constantly remined of our ephemeral nature. Death is not a gate to eternal non-existence, but a door to the re-unification with the essence of Being…

Waking up in the morning.

Full of energy. Happy and determined. Logical and resolute.

Only because you know that every day ends up in darkness.

And only then, during the night, things become clearer.

Without the Sun blinding you, you can see.

That you already knew when you will die.

And that puts a smile in your face.

You are tired now.

But happier than ever.

Sleep my child…

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