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  • Doctors. AI. Dead people.

    Could machines using artificial intelligence make doctors obsolete? Artificial intelligence systems simulate human intelligence by learning, reasoning, and self-correction. This technology has the potential to be more accurate than doctors at making diagnoses and performing surgical interventions, says Jörg Goldhahn, MD, MAS, deputy head of the Institute for Translational Medicine at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. It […]

  • Noli timere…

    Noli timere…

    Someone once said that all magnificent things are terrifying. If that is true then death must be glorious. And yet, we are all afraid of it. Those last words that will never get off your mind… Those last moments you never knew were the last… The anguish of the lost loved one you can never […]

  • Metamorphosis.

    In the ocean off the coast of Antarctica, a snail lives around scorching hydrothermal vents. Its name is Gigantopelta chessoia. From the outside, it looks like any other shelled slug. But on the inside, something strange is happening, scientists report in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, like no metamorphosis ever observed in any other […]

  • Do you know when you will die?

    AI developed to know when a person is going to die. A paper published in Nature suggests that feeding electronic health record data to a deep learning model could substantially improve the accuracy of projected outcomes. (1) We are all unaware when we are going to die. Is this lack of knowledge a blessing or […]

  • Not dying…

    An international team of astronomers led by Las Cumbres Observatory (LCO) has made a bizarre discovery; a star that refuses to stop shining. Supernovae, the explosions of stars, have been observed in the thousands and in all cases, they marked the death of a star. But in a study published last year in the journal […]