Narcissism. Knowledge. A whispering voice…

A researcher at Queen’s University Belfast suggests that the growing rate of narcissism in society could be linked with school achievement. (1)

Modern civilization.

Increasing knowledge.

Growing narcissism.

Growing arrogance.

It takes a really brave man to admit he knows nothing.

It takes a really arrogant man to claim he knows something.

We have left the Paradise a long time ago.

Treading on dark paths illuminated by our pride.

And all the way through… A whispering voice…

“Watch out my child. Don’t take another step. Please come back…”

But we keep on walking. We like our self. We like our achievements. We are too proud to go back. Too scared to admit we are wrong. Piece by piece. We believe we are building a bridge to the truth. Piece by piece. We are certain that we illuminate the cosmos more and more every day. At the end we will achieve what we want. At the end everything will be light. And nothing will be viewable. Blinded we will seek support. The voice will still be there. And with tears in our eyes we will try to find the way back…

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Ancient Greece.

An old man sits by a tree.

He listens to the music.

Stars dancing.

People watching are baffled.

People start laughing.

Humanity starts dying…

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