Noli timere…

Someone once said that all magnificent things are terrifying.

If that is true then death must be glorious.

And yet, we are all afraid of it.

Those last words that will never get off your mind…

Those last moments you never knew were the last…

The anguish of the lost loved one you can never make go away…

The love for someone long gone which makes him stand by you…

We are terrified by the end of our life.

Yet, life is nothing without death.

If life is existence, death is the reminder that Being is our ultimate purpose.

Life without death is void and dead.

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If you must listen to someone for what to be afraid of…

Listen not to your self. Listen to the wind.

Among the living things…

(Do you accept life?)

There is nothing which does not die.

(Do you accept death?)

Yes, you are afraid of death.

But take a moment to think.

Was there any moment when you weren’t afraid of life?

Noli timere…

Anyway, we will separate one day
By love, by death, by time
But I would like to break up together
Not apart…

~ Nikos Dimou

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