Reproducibility problem.

A team co-led by Gideon Nave of Penn’s Wharton School replicated 21 high-profile social science studies and found discrepancies with the original research, including eight studies that failed to find significant evidence for the original finding. Researchers betting in prediction markets, however, were quite accurate at predicting which findings would replicate and which would not. (1)

We have based all of our science on the idea that experiments can be reproduced. But we knew from the start that this was a lie. No, not because of scientists trying to cheat and get more publications. But because of the nature of the cosmos.

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You can never walk through the same river.

And yet, you believe in that river.

You are never the same.

And yet, you believe in yourself.

Believe just in the dust in the wind.

And you will see the cosmos filled in with nothingness.

There is nothing to understand in this cosmos.

Just chaos and death. Life and disorder.

Stop believing in yourself.

And you will give birth to a burning universe.

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