Being good. For no reason at all.

Providing ‘targeted’ social support to other people in need activates regions of the brain involved in parental care – which may help researchers understand the positive health effects of social ties, reports a new study. (1)

Being good. For no reason at all.

Or even despite reasons against it.

Something that is the easiest thing to understand.

Unless you are not a good person.

No, there is no explanation for this.

No arguments to convince you.

The era of trying to convince people to be good has come at an end. We live in darkness now. And the last specks of light keep on showing the path.

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For as long as they last.

Soon, the light will go away.

Soon the moon will die.

Death and evil will conquer the cosmos.

Darkness will cover the forest.

But an irrational person will someday create the light again. Out of darkness. For no reason at all. And without needing to convince anyone to follow, people will start following it. See the raging river. Do you feel like walking in it again?

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