Did you learn anything? Listen to the abyss.

Jason Chan makes a point to periodically interrupt his lecture and ask students a question about the material they’ve covered. The associate professor of psychology at Iowa State University does this to regain students’ attention, but more importantly, to enhance their ability to learn new information.

Researchers know the retrieval process is beneficial for new learning and a new meta-analysis by Chan and his colleagues confirms that but found there are limits. The research shows the frequency and difficulty of questions can reverse the effect and be detrimental to learning. It also is not enough to simply ask a question; Chan says students must respond to see a positive effect on learning. The work is published in the Psychological Bulletin, an American Psychological Association journal. (1)

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This is something well known.

Only when the student wants, does the master appear…

But what would the student want to learn?

If he has not learnt anything yet?

Look into the void.

It is the abyss staring at you.

You know it is there.

Only because you once were part of it…

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