Close your eyes… Follow me…

Photo by Daniel Maforte from Pexels

Doctors have found that pediatric team leaders improve more during resuscitation training if they wear a blindfold. Their findings demonstrate a promising tool for improving training and outcomes in pediatric resuscitation.

According to the authors, at least part of the effect of blindfolding on leadership skills could be due to an improvement in communication by the team as a whole.

“Having a blindfolded leader requires other team members to verbalize all the important data and explicitly acknowledge instructions. Indeed, comparing simulation 5 with simulation 1 we found that teams who trained with a blindfolded leader became more likely than controls to respond to instructions with audible confirmation of receipt and completion of the task.”

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“Blindfolding might also improve leadership skills by helping the leader to avoid distraction by irrelevant details or participation in procedures, such as chest compressions.” (1)

Blessed are those who will follow the flow of the universe without seeing.

Because only those who do not see, shall see everything…

Only those who do not hear, shall listen to the music of the cosmos.

Not paying attention to any minor details.

Being blind to everything makes you focus on you.

Only then will the cosmos open its eyes.

And start following you…

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