Thinking simple… Thinking complex…

Photo by Jeffrey Czum from Pexels

Neuroscientists have revealed that a simple brain region, known for processing basic sensory information, can also guide complex feats of mental activity. The new study involving mice demonstrated that cells in the somatosensory cortex, the brain area responsible for touch, also play a key role in reward learning. It is the basis for how we connect our work in the office to that paycheck, or that A+ to the studying we did in preparation for the test. (1)

Even the simplest forms of thinking result in complex results.

But to understand the complexity of the cosmos we must think simple.

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So simple that we perceives everything.

Until we see nothing at all…

Look at that empty blank paper.

Drops of blood stain it.

Tears dropping.

Laughter echoes in the night.

A pencil breaking.

A baby cries.

Look at the rainbow in the sky.

An open window.

The paper gone.

Drifted away by the fiery storm.

Look at that empty blank paper.

The whole world fears of that paper tonight…

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