Analyzing data. Knowing it all. Knowing nothing.

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Before embarking on a new research project, a thorough and exhaustive review of existing literature must be done to make sure the new project is novel. Researchers can also explore the entire body of previously published data on a subject to answer a new question using that same data. This is a daunting task, especially considering that millions of new research articles are published each year. Where does one even begin to explore all of that data? A software may help scientists in this difficult task. (1)

We try to know everything. And one day we will manage to do so.

Not with knowing them. But without knowing anything.

Not by reading them. But with analyzing them automatically.

How sad that we can never understand that simple truth.

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That there is nothing to know. That with every book you read, there are more new books which you haven’t and will never read. That with every question you answer there are more questions you will never answer.

Knowledge is a bottomless jar.

And we are caught in an endless task to fill it.

But it is not the content of the jar we should worry about.

But the jar itself!

Break it!

And you will see that everything you needed to know was outside it!

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