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Do not be envious! (There is nothing to be envy about…)

Photo by Spiros Kakos from Pexels

People look up at presidents as if they are special.

People look up at CEOs as if they are special.

People look up at leaders of states as if they are special.

But all these persons are just humans.

And the truth is that you are special as well!

It is all a matter of what you have decided to do. There are no successful humans or special humans. There are only humans who chose to dedicate themselves to something instead of something else. You could be in the position of those presidents if you wanted.

If you didn’t do such a great job at parenting, spending hours and hours talking and playing with your beloved child. If you didn’t pursue that phD so hard, spending hours and years in research. If you didn’t spend all that time in relaxing and doing nothing (yes, this is a choice as well!), cherishing every passing moment as no one else could. If you didn’t spend all those years in universities or if you didn’t spend all those years in martial arts practicing.

All these things are important. For those who consider them to be.

Don’t be envy of others. Be proud of your choices!

At the end, the sum of all actions of a person is always the same: Zero. We spend energy and time to do things. And this energy and time is always transformed into something else. It is just that every person choses a different ‘something else’. No matter what that is, the time and energy you have spend are always transformed. And yes, luck and other external factors also play a role, but we cannot control that as much as we would like so worrying or arguing about them is like arguing whether it will rain in one year or not.

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Own your choices and accept that what you do is what you do.

Nothing more and certainly nothing less.

The entry of president Roosevelt’s diary the day his wife and mother died simply wrote…

‘The light has gone out of my life’ (source)

He was no longer a president. But a man who lost his wife and mother. It is this light that you must strive to find. Inside you, not in titles or degrees or achievements. But inside you. What makes you happy and whole? Try to pursue that. And no matter how unhappy you will become at the end – because at the end you will – you will be enlightened. Life has the tendency to be cruel, but it can never take away our choices.

At the end we all die. At the end we all have to face the void.

And rest assured, each one of us will do that alone.

And right there, it will be of paramount importance to be proud of your choices.

By humbling yourself enough to accept them…

And right before the end.


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