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Trust not the face…

Photo by Spiros Kakos @ Pexels

Facial expressions might not be reliable indicators of emotion, research indicates. In fact, it might be more accurate to say we should never trust a person’s face, new research suggests. (1)

Trust your feelings. Not your senses.

Trust you. Not others.

Trust the cosmos. Not the stars.

There is nothing to see in the waves.

It is the solid depths of the ocean which speak.

Listen to the rain.

It is not the water whispering.

But a distant river which had dried away.

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Look at the sun.

It is not the light that warms you.

But the distant cold depths of the universe.

Smile in the mirror.

It is not happiness which makes me cry.

But the distant memory of death…

Look up at the Perfect Sun.

Stay silent to the fading mirror…

And He will answer back!

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