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  • What colour?

    What colour?

    What colour were fossil animals? Scientists have evaluated fossil color reconstruction methods and proposed a new study framework that improves and expands current practice. (1) What a weird era. Our knowledge gets accumulated in amazing rates. And yet, we are still here. Only knowing about us. Yes, we know about the dinosaurs. But we will […]

  • Mountains!


    Life on Earth is amazingly diverse, and exhibits striking geographical global patterns in biodiversity. A pair of companion papers reveal that mountain regions — especially those in the tropics — are hotspots of extraordinary and baffling richness. Although mountain regions cover only 25% of Earth’s land area, they are home to more than 85% of […]

  • Worms… Deep below…

    Worms… Deep below…

    The sea bed in the deep ocean during the Cambrian period was thought to have been inhospitable to animal life because it lacked enough oxygen to sustain it. But research published in the scientific journal Geology reveals the existence of fossilized worm tunnels dating back to the Cambrian period – 270 million years before the […]

  • Past & Future… The link we do not see…

    Past & Future… The link we do not see…

    Ancient rocks provide clues to Earth’s early history: A research team has provided compelling evidence for significant ocean oxygenation before the GOE, on a larger scale and to greater depths than previously recognized. (1) Looking for the past in rocks. Because we see the history as something solid. Written on stone. Fooled by the phenomena […]

  • Earth’s core. Human souls.

    Earth’s core. Human souls.

    A new study could help us understand how our planet was formed. Scientists report that their research shows that Earth’s inner core is solid – a finding made possible by a new method for detecting shear waves, or ‘J waves’ in the inner core. (1) We believe that pressure creates solids. That diamonds are the […]