Category: Nature

  • Astray salmons. Lost humans…

    In drought-stricken California, young Chinook salmon are hitting the road, not the river, to get to the Pacific Ocean. Millions of six-month-old smolts are hitching rides in tanker trucks because California’s historic drought has depleted rivers and streams, making the annual migration to the ocean too dangerous for juvenile salmon. “The drought conditions have caused lower […]

  • Get extinct… In an elegant way!

    Mammoths were extinct because some wild flowers went extinct. (1) You may think of mammoths and rinos as anything BUT elegant. You may believe that animals are… animals. But some giants eat flowers. Think of that while you are eating… burgers? How rude. At least one can say mammoths were killed because of flowers. When […]

  • Embryos. Rosette. Flowers.

    Embryos develop in rosette-like schemas. (1) A schema well known to humans from the ancient times of civilization. (2) Out of some weird intuition, we knew what we did not know. Look at a flower. Smell it. Feel it. Know the world.

  • Homer, satellites, optical illusions…

    Amazon does not get greener in dry seasons, even though this is what the initial data from satellites showed. A correction made by scientists who analyzed the respective data revealed that it was all due to an optical illusion. (1, 2) In the beginning we had our own eyes and nothing more. Then we developed satellites to […]