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  • Calculating. Without calculating.

    Calculating. Without calculating.

    Engineers have designed a metamaterial device that can solve integral equations. The device works by encoding parameters into the properties of an incoming electromagnetic wave; once inside, the device’s unique structure manipulates the wave in such a way that it exits encoded with the solution to a pre-set integral equation for that arbitrary input. (1) […]

  • The Raven Paradox.

    In all your life, have you ever seen a raven that wasn’t black? That probably leads you to conclude that all ravens are black. Of course, it’s impossible to see every raven that ever existed and ever will exist, but from the evidence you have on hand, it’s pretty fair for you to make the […]

  • Credo!

    Tertullian is widely regarded as having originated the expression “Credo quia absurdum” (est) (I believe because it is absurd) and the phrase often appears in contemporary polemics about the rationality of religious belief. Patristic scholars have long pointed out that Tertullian never said this or meant anything like it. (although as I have explained many […]

  • Intuitionism (Constructivism) vs. Logicism vs. Platonism.

    Does infinity exist? Is the whole larger than the parts? Are all the numbers either negative, positive or zero? Phenomenally simple questions. With no definite answer! Is everything “out there” for us to discover? (Platonism) Is everything we can “write on paper” true? (Logicism) Or only the things we can construct do exist? (Intuitionism/ Constructivism) […]

  • Crates of Mallus globe. Logic. Seeing.

    Crates of Mallus created a globe. Imagined people living in the opposite (symmetric) place of the globe. He found America. Long before we found America. With his mind alone. (1) With logic you can see things before you see them. Even though (or Because?) logic is in the first place based on what you have […]