Crates of Mallus globe. Logic. Seeing.

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  1. Louis Shaw

    History if full of lies, they knew way before colombus about america, as flat earth maps all show. Try believing outside the box these days, get major attacks, even main stream scientists dont tolerate non consensus theories.

    1. skakos

      I am not sure of all the details here, but I can agree that thinking outside of the box is not welcomed today…

  2. RogerPenna

    No, he just believe in the theory of everything being symmetrical. Earth is NOT symmetrical in real life however.

    More than that, the same logic is creating a continent below Europe+Africa. Notice he did not knew Africa went all the way across the Equator and into the Southern Hemisphere. He thought there was an ocean in the Equator and a new opposite continent in the South.

    1. skakos

      Sure, you cannot create a detailed map of the globe with your mind alone. However this case shows how by just thinking out of the box (for your era) you can discover things well before seeing them…

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