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  • Chaos… Order… Chaos…

    Chaos… Order… Chaos…

    Can chaotic systems also synchronize with each other? Physicists from Bar-Ilan University in Israel, along with colleagues from Spain, India and Italy, analyzed the Rossler system and discovered new phenomena that have been overlooked until now. For the first time the researchers were able to measure the fine grain process that leads from disorder to […]

  • Universe. Dimensions. Eternal (broken) circles.

    Universe. Dimensions. Eternal (broken) circles.

    Researchers have devised a new model for the universe – one that may solve the enigma of dark energy. They propose a new structural concept, including dark energy, for a universe that rides on an expanding bubble in an additional dimension. The whole Universe is accommodated on the edge of this expanding bubble. All existing […]

  • Time. Universe. Timeless…

    Time. Universe. Timeless…

    According to a new interpretation of general relativity, the Big Bang wasn’t the start of ‘everything’. Based on a new model, some scientists showed that as we rewind time back to the beginning the universe does not diminish into a singularity, but at something the team call a Janus Point, named after the Roman god […]

  • Proton. Mass. Higgs. Phantoms of science.

    Proton. Mass. Higgs. Phantoms of science.

    A proton’s mass is more just than the sum of its parts. And now scientists know just what accounts for the subatomic particle’s heft. Protons are made up of even smaller particles called quarks, so you might expect that simply adding up the quarks’ masses should give you the proton’s mass. However, that sum is […]

  • Nanomaterials. AI. Prediction.

    Nanomaterials. AI. Prediction.

    Breakthroughs in the field of nanophotonics – how light behaves on the nanometer scale – have paved the way for the invention of “metamaterials,” human-made materials that have enormous applications, from remote nanoscale sensing to energy harvesting and medical diagnostics. But their impact on daily life has been hindered by a complicated manufacturing process with […]