Category: Psysics

  • Illusions, dimensions, beliefs…

    A unique experiment at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory called the Holometer has started collecting data that will answer some mind-bending questions about our universe – including whether we live in a hologram. Much like characters on a television show would not know that their seemingly 3-D world exists only on […]

  • Speed of light. Speed of change.

    Were physicists all wrong about the speed of light? You might think so, given the stories posted recently about a new paper suggesting that light travels a bit more slowly than the 186,000-miles-a-second figure that’s familiar to generations of science geeks. “The speed of light has almost mythical significance in physics”, Tyson told The Huffington […]

  • Magnetic fields. Everywhere…

    The first set of high-resolution results from ESA’s three-satellite Swarm constellation reveals the most recent changes in the magnetic field that protects our planet. Launched in November 2013, Swarm is providing unprecedented insights into the complex workings of Earth’s magnetic field, which safeguards us from the bombarding cosmic radiation and charged particles. Measurements made over the […]

  • The tower, self-assembly, Self…

    A tower which builds itself is absurd, however in the nano world self-assembly is reality. Physicists have investigated how to control the ordering of such self-assembling structures at the nano-scale. Physicists investigated how they can control the ordering of such self-assembling structures and found out how to switch the assembly process on and off. (1) […]

  • Relative moves. Impossible moves. Amazing moves.

    Move is relative. Does your train move? Or the one next to your train? Are you running? Or is the whole Earth moving under your feet? You put your keys in the pocket. Or do you… move the Earth, the people on it, the solar system, the galaxy, the whole universe so as to make […]