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  • Touching the untouched.

    Touching the untouched.

    Jellyfish are about 95% water, which makes them very difficult to study because most of the underwater tools available to marine biologists are clunky, heavy, and often shred jellyfish and other delicate creatures to pieces. A new ultra-soft gripper uses fettuccini-like ‘fingers’ inflated with water to gently grasp jellyfish and release them without harm, allowing […]

  • Quantum… time? Quantum… cosmos?!

    Quantum… time? Quantum… cosmos?!

    An international group of physicists led by Stevens Institute of Technology, University of Vienna and University of Queensland reveal the quantum properties of time, whereby the flow of time doesn’t observe a straight arrow forward, but one where cause and effect can co-exist both in the forward and backward direction. To show this scenario, researchers […]

  • Virtual ‘universe machine’. Galaxy evolution. Understanding unicorns.

    Virtual ‘universe machine’. Galaxy evolution. Understanding unicorns.

    By creating millions of virtual universes and comparing them to observations of actual galaxies, researchers have made discoveries that present a powerful new approach for studying galaxy formation. (1) A cosmos full of phenomena. Phenomena we try to understand. Because we imagine we can. A cosmos full of laws. Laws we expect to decipher because […]

  • The origin of life. Creation through Self.

    The origin of life. Creation through Self.

    A famous experiment in 1953 showed that amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, could have formed spontaneously under the atmospheric conditions of early Earth. However, just because molecules could form doesn’t mean that the process was likely. Now, researchers have demonstrated that energetically feasible interactions between just two small molecules — hydrogen cyanide and […]

  • AI. Quantitative. Quantitative. Tautologies.

    AI. Quantitative. Quantitative. Tautologies.

    Artificial Intelligence engineers should enlist ideas and expertise from a broad range of social science disciplines, including those embracing qualitative methods, in order to reduce the potential harm of their creations and to better serve society as a whole, a pair of researchers has concluded. (1) Life is not about measuring. Life is not about […]