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  • Will I die? Who are YOU? Highlander?

      So many people are “worried” about other people dying. So many times you show your sadness for the death of others. But who are you anyway?! Highlander? Because you may have forgotten it, but you will die too! Everyone will die! Stop using ANYTHING (including the death of others sometimes) as an excuse to […]

  • Lucky to be Unlucky!

    Why do some people face more difficulties than others in their lives? Why don’t we ever ask the opposite? Is being lucky a good thing? Difficulties define us. Difficulties make us who we are. If everything went as we wished, then Love and Will would have no reason to be…

  • Why Medicine is NOT a pro-Science argument!

    Why Medicine is NOT a pro-Science argument!

    When people talk about science they mostly refer to medicine when they want to “prove” that science is “good” (and thus, according to their illogical logic, religion is bad). Medicine is the science which after all makes us well when we are ill. Medicine is the science which keeps us more alive. Correct? Wrong! If […]