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  • Dawkins, life’s purpose, steaks

    Dawkins, life’s purpose, steaks

    In “God’s Delusion”, Dawkins refers to the purpose of life by citing a meeting he had with Watson. During the interview he took from Watson, Dawkins asked him what he thinks about science finding out the “how” and religion finding out the “why” in life. Whatson, according to Dawkins, responded that “I do not believe […]

  • Philosophizing, happiness, misery…

    Philosophizing, happiness, misery…

    Is philosophizing synonymous with misery? If people who do not care much about the problems of the world are really happy, then what is the point in thinking too much? one might ask… However being conscious of one’s happiness is a gift. We are conscious beings! And we should honour that gift in the best […]

  • Science and Religion Philosophy Wires

    Science and Religion Philosophy Wires

    Science, Religion, Philosophy Wires Everyday life is full of examples where people think in ways dictated by their dogmas or their false impressions. I like science, so I am prejudiced for science. I like religion, so I am prejudiced for religion. I am unaware of both so I just copy-paste the opinion of others on […]

  • Philosophy and the Wikipedia inquisition

    Religion-Science Philosophy articles series Main Thesis: Harmonia Philosophica (english) (why illogical is logical!) The Limits of Science Religion and Science unification – Towards Religional Science The Dark Side of Technology The dictatorship of the science of psychiatry Evolution and Intelligent Design – The way to an agreement Human Consciousness and the end of Materialism Harmonia Philosophica (Greek) […]

  • The Source of Ethics

    This article presents the basic principles of ethics philosophy in an understandable way for everyone to read. From Aristotle to Kant and from Kant to post-modern philosophers, ethics is one of the most interesting subjects of philosophy that is closely related to our everyday lifes. Knowing “why” one thing is “Bad” or another is “Good” can be of great importance…