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  • Emoto, rice and how Thinking formulates Reality

    Emoto, rice and how Thinking formulates Reality

    Masaru Emoto conducted an experiment with rice: Boil rice and put some rice in two jars. Put a label “I hate you” on one jar and a label “I love you” on the other. Then every day and for 30 seconds, open each jar and start talking to the rice inside – repeat “I love […]

  • Murphy’s Law – Thinking = Formulating reality?

    Murphy’s Law – Thinking = Formulating reality?

    The one time I want to get a taxi, I cannot see any passing by even though there were millions of those yellow things passing by before. When I need a spoon all I see around are forks. I want to open the toothpaste card box and I open it from the wrong side. Some […]

  • BBC and Apes, the new generation!

    BBC and Apes, the new generation!

    The initial page of the BBC.co.uk is full of news concerning apes and other primates. How apes communicate with iPads (!!! Yes you read correctly), how apes change their behaviour depending on who is watching them in the zoo et cetera et cetera… Some people claim that “what you want becomes reality”. After so much […]

  • Science vs. Religion – The intuition arguments…

    Author: Spiros Kakos Harmonia Philosophica Facebook page Religion-Science Philosophy articles series Main Thesis: Harmonia Philosophica (english) (why illogical is logical!) The limits of science The Dark Side of Technology The dictatorship of the science of psychiatry Religion and Science unification – Towards Religional Science Φιλοσοφία της Επιστήμης και της Θρησκείας Evolution and Intelligent Design – The way […]

  • Harmonia Philosophica (english)

    Harmonia Philosophica (english)

    The world is “ONE” as Parmenides postulated. If so, why do all philosophers disagree in many things? The answer proposed here is simple: that everyone is right! A new philosophical synthesis in which all philosophical ideas come together harmonically in one great reality. Based on the Greek article of Harmonia Philosophica, this is the English version of the article.