Consciousness as a parergon of materialism – A theistic argument?!?

Consciousness is often considered as the cornerstone of all anti-materialism arguments. Philosophers have for a long time used consciousness to build their case against the idea that wants us to be just lifeless particles. Could they be wrong? Could we be so much fooled by our senses that we are using the wrong argument for the wrong purpose?

Democritus and other great philosophers are warning us to be too reluctant considering the input we get from our senses. Senses can fool you. They are not the objective tool you would need to analyze the cosmos. Could consciousness be actually a trick that our senses play? And what is more, could THAT be an argument in favor of theism? How can that even happen?

The idea first crossed my mind when reading Schopenhauer. The weird philosopher had certainly some weird ideas. Most of all he talked all too openly about things we have complicated too much into our mind. And that made me think more clearly.

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The idea of consciousness IS based on our senses. It is based on what we feel everyday concerning out inner self and its existence. And we cannot accept our imminent death only because our consciousness cannot deal with that fact it self. Imagine however this: what if we are trully immortals, what if existence has nothing to do with what our senses show us, what is our being is embedded in the One all too many important philosophers have pondered about and what if our materialistic senses (including our consciousness) are all too short-sighted to even glimpse at that truth?

Could consciousness then be the last frontier, the last barrier one should break before getting to accept the fact that we ARE and can never stop being?

Zen has been doing that for years.

Strange ideas… Coming into shape…

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