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How many times have you gone to the doctor with a problem and the doctor provided you with the “stress” explanation? Is it my imagination or is the “stress” an all “universal” wildcard used by doctors to “explain” anything they cannot explain? Stress does indeed affect our body. We can see it every time we are over-stressed at work, when parts of our body who where fine before then start aching. But this is totally different from using “stress” as the explanation for almost anything that modern medicine can get its hands on…

Heart pain? It is the stress.

Failed an IVF attempt? It is the stress.

Cannot go to the toilette? It is the stress.

Headaches? It is the stress.

Doctors of today who attribute everything to stress, claim that this is a disease of “our times”. But they tend to forget that people in the past were also stressed. And I mean STRESSED A LOT! In the old days there was slavery, not so good legal system, no social welfare, no state rules to hold off the rich people from getting anything they like (not that they do much now)…

In the old days poor people lost their homes, lost their crop fields, lost their lives for petty reasons, lost their fortunes because of raids, lost their children because of common diseases… They could literally lose everything in the blink of an eye and no one would notice. Do we really think they were NOT stressed?

Think again.

Stress is an integral part of working and of living. Sure we must reduce it to a minimum. But we cannot stand seeing medicine using something so elusive and not-well-defined as an excuse…