Atheistic France (again) as a proponent of Free Speech. Thank God!

France is once more in the front line of defending the right of Free Speech. French magazine Charlie Hebdo published satirical sketches of the prophet Mohamed, while at the same time the French administration has prohibited a protests against the recent US film which “insults” Muhammad [1].

Of course this had as a result the closing of French embassies in over 20 countries for the fear of retaliation.

Imagine a world where a simple cartoon could trigger deaths of people… Imagine a world where a movie could kill your loved ones or burn your house… Imagine a world… well, we don’t have to imagine that. We actually live it!

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I am a religious person. But I say Thank God for France and its “atheistic obsession” with free speech!!!

Because religious people too can have humor and like free speech!

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