Chimp vs. Human child grammar…


A new study from the University of Pennsylvania has shown that children as young as 2 understand basic grammar rules when they first learn to speak and are not simply imitating adults. The study also applied the same statistical analysis on data from one of the most famous animal language-acquisition experiments (Project Nim) and showed that Nim Chimpsky, a chimpanzee who was taught sign language over the course of many years, never grasped rules like those in a 2-year-old’s grammar. [1]

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There goes the neighborhood…

Humans are similar to animals in many ways.

But what we many times fail to see, is how DIFFERENT we actually are…

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  1. Nityananda Chandra Granger

    So with that knowledge we must ask. What do we do our heightened intelligence? Do we apply it to projects of eating, sleep, mating, and defending? What can we do uniquely with the human situation that animals cannot?
    If our intelligence is used to improve the fields of eating, sleeping, mating, and defending, then we are but polished animals. However if we use our intelligence to exercise that which is unavailable in animal life, namely asking questions such as, “Who am I, what is the purpose of life, is there God, what is the nature of the Absolute, what will actually produce satisfaction?” and so on

    1. skakos

      Couldn’t agree more! Striving for spiritual excellence is the only way of utilizing our unique characteristics as humans…

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