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Jahi McMath went into Oakland Children’s Hospital almost a week ago for a routine tonsillectomy – a surgery thousands of children undergo each year.

But today, her family is thankful to just be able to sit by her bedside, where McMath, 13, is now on life support. She was declared brain dead last Thursday after complications arose during her recovery, her family said. They claim they then had to battle with the hospital to keep McMath on life support while they prayed for a miracle.

Sealy said the hospital had been trying to remove McMath from life support until the family presented a cease and desist letter on Monday. (1)

Dr. David Tunkel, an expert in pediatric otolaryngology, told ABC News that deaths from tonsillectomies are more common than many people assume. The mortality rate for the surgery is between one in 15,000 and one in 40,000, according to the most recent numbers, which date back a few decades, said Tunkel, who is the division director of pediatric otolaryngology at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

More than half a million children undergo tonsillectomies each year, he said.
Behing the nice furnished front walls, death lurkes. Statistics are fine as long as you are not the “1 in the 15,000”. And if you are, only a desist letter will stop us from dumping you to the garbage so that no one will know…

Humans have lost the meaning of life and now have all the wrong goals. The meaning of life is NOT to stay alive. The meaning of life is to LIVE & DIE while striving for something of higher essence! Modern medicine is cold. Surely it’s cold touch does help some times. But it IS cold. We are not machines to repair and throw away if the repair fails! We are humans!

What we need is less “medicine”. And more… humans!