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Master Chef is the new fashion in TV. Great chefs show us how to cook good quality food. But in reality they do exactly the opposite. Thanks to Valia I realized that Master Chef is just another marketing tool which helps the “system” (whatever that is) to promote the “fast food” notion into our houses! In the old days people used to spend hours cooking their food.

Seeing through walls. Casting out the abyss.

Now Master Chef tells us that we must cook within 30 mins, with only the last 10 mins devoted to cooking the meat or in general the main ingredient of the plate. Jamie Oliver cooks in just 15 mins!

It seems that Prometheus died for nothing after all...

It seems that Prometheus died for nothing after all…

And let us not forget the utter disregard to the gift of our fellow God. Prometheus almost died to give us the fire and we are now holding contests on how… raw we will leave the meat because “this is how it should be cooked”.

Coronavirus: Selecting who will die. Playing God. Hubris. Punishment.

Sure. If I didn’t know how to cook meat perfectly without destroying it, I would too be selling to everyone the opinion that what I do is “how it should be done” [Valia]…

And now our children will have the dream to cook. What our mothers did WHILE doing 10 other things AT THE SAME TIME, will be the highest aspiration and goal that many people will have for the coming years…

Philosophical Diet. [It works.Only if you read your Aristotle]

Fast Food on TV disguised as “quality food”!

Hypocrisy is usually hidden in the most obvious places…