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The religious find strength through God; this we know. But a new study conducted by Prof. Malt Friese and Michaela Wanke suggests that even non-believers can get in on the action. In a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, they present evidence showing how and why prayer might increase anyone’s ability to resist temptation.

Against ecology per se: Why the solution to a problem can never be the solution to that problem!

Though we can all agree that to do so requires self-control, the authors propose that the source of such control might not be supernatural. Instead, it might come from something more earthly. Something accessible to even the most devoted atheist: social connection. (!?) (1)

We desparately need to believe we are NOT divine!
We need to feel unimportant!
We need to be nothing!

New atheism. Dead before it was born… [Atheism against progress]

Because being something means responsibility. And hard work.

And we really hate that.