Science, Nature, Cell. Destroying science.


Scientific magazines hinder development of science. At least this is what a Nobel winner postulates. Journals like Science and Nature are just promoting topics that could lead to bigger sales, as any other publisher would do. (1)

The “citations” system is just a tool to promote the “stars” that need to be promoted. And its the same “star system” which made the Russian Academy of Sciences look bad because of “not enough publications in Science”.

When face is all we have (a.k.a. “citations” or “fake decrease in acceptance rates to increase the status of a journal”), the essence is gone. People no longer see what is written in a publication, only WHERE it is published.

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Is really Science to be blamed here? Or our lighthearted negligence of actually READING what we are given as facts? Everybody gets what they deserve. Stop complaining! Just… read!

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