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Multiple Personality Disorder is fake. At the height of the most recent fad in the ’90s, it seemed that every third or fourth patient was presenting with a long list of newly developed multiple personalities. The modal number of personalities per patient started multiplying exponentially from just two to 16. Αn iatrogenically inspired diagnosis inappropriately inflicted on vulnerable patients by the poorly trained therapists who came away from their silly weekend workshops armed with an MPD hammer that seemed to fit every patient nail. (1)

Do you have conflicting emotions? Conflicting thoughts? Well, you have MPD! Simple huh? As simple as saying “I am a lousy doctor bored to death to really help you and eager to make some money”. The only way for someone to control your mind, is to GIVE AWAY that control yourself!

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Do not afraid of conflicts in your thought!

Do not afraid of conflicts in your emotions!

Life is full of conflicts! Life is full of antinomies! Accept them! They are part of life! Only through the antinomies and the conflicts can we find the One behind everything!

PS. And for the sake of knowing, MPD declined as a diagnosed disease only after insurance companies stopped paying for its treatment!!!

PS2. Search for similar cases of industry-determined illnesses. Do you know who defines what cholesterol levels are considered “normal”?

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