Human-like computer language. Parmenides. Humans.


Stephen Wolfram wants to create a more human-like language for programming computers. (1)

But how can anything we make be non-human? If we think with 1s and 0s this is because for some reason this is encoded into our existence. One and Nothing are the building blocks of the cosmos. From Parmenides to Leibniz, monads rule our world.

Let’s not try to make things more “human-like”.

Let us just understand what we already are. Pieces of the world. Part of a whole. Alone in the dark. The most enigmatic creature of them all. Trying to understand how nature works. Without ever knowing that he is the one who makes it work.

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From computers to “reality”, we are the makers of our ignorance. Humans making human things. Without even knowing it…

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