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Dark matter, the mysterious substance estimated to make up approximately more than one-quarter of the mass of the universe, is crucial to the formation of galaxies, stars and even life but has so far eluded direct observation. At a recent UCLA symposium attended by 190 scientists from around the world, physicists presented several analyses that participants interpreted to imply the existence of a dark matter particle. The likely mass would be approximately 30 billion electron-volts, said the symposium’s organizer. (1)

There you go.

Harmonia Philosophica has warned you a long long time ago (2, 3)…

We do not even know what dark matter is, but we are starting to discover particles related to it. It seems logical. But it is not.

Against atheism, in one simple sentence – Episode 3: The 'randomness' argument debunked... (Against Nanopoulos)

How can you start discovering the parts of something you do not know as a whole? How can you start discovering pieces when you do not know pieces of what they are?

Dogmatism and assumptions go hand in hand.
Everything can be “discovered” with the correct analogy of both…