Microbes, arrogance, wrong perceptions.


Methane-producing microbes may be responsible for the largest mass extinction in Earth’s history. Fossil remains show that sometime around 252 million years ago, about 90 percent of all species on Earth were suddenly wiped out — by far the largest of this planet’s five known mass extinctions. It turns out that Methanosarcina had acquired a particularly fast means of making methane, and the team’s detailed mapping of the organism’s history now shows that this transfer happened at about the time of the end-Permian extinction. (1)

The greatest disaster in life, caused by the – supposedly – weakest organism of all.

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Our definitions need re-defining.
Our egoism does not let us see beyond our nose..

We are not all that powerful.
We are not all that clever.
We are just microbes believing we are titans.

But only the humble are truly powerful.
Look at the world from the perspective of a microbe.
Only though knowing our limits, will we become limitless.

Acknowledge you are nothing and you will be part of everything…

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