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Give me an office with a view! [The lust for the infinite in everyday terms]


We all like to work in an office with a view!

We all like staring at the ocean!

We all like watching the stars!

It seems obvious and yet it is difficult to explain. Why do we lust for a good view? Why do we seek the openness of the sea instead seeing a nice… anything right in front of our eyes? What is so magic about a good view that makes us relax and our soul feel nice?

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Humans are infinite creatures. Sons of God, we think and feel in His terms. We feel the infinite even though are finite senses will never experience it. And anything which reminds us of that makes us feel relaxed.

Look at the sea again…

You wish to go there again…

You wish to return home…

Warm. Safe. Calm.

It feels like… home, doesn’t it?

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