Naked humans. Frightening earthquakes…


Foreigner arrested as Malaysians blame nude mountain pictures for earthquake? (1)

Authorities in Malaysia have arrested a foreign national for allegedly posing naked for pictures on the country’s highest peak, Mount Kinabalu, an act some Malaysians have said angered the spirits of the mountain and caused an earthquake.

News reports said those involved in the incident had been barred from leaving Sabah, to allow police to investigate. Some reports said two Canadians in the group were stopped from leaving the country.

Finally, they were freed. (2)

In a world of spirits we live in.

In a world where we breathe alive and yet we believe we are dead.

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I do not say that posing naked on a mountain causes earthquakes.

But believing that everything is just dead matter causes something much more deadly: the extinction of our very existence and making the cosmos void of true conscious meaning. In a world filled with… us, we only see things.

Silence is frightening.

Not the rumble of an earthquake.

We humans always find the most stupid things to be afraid of…

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