Instability… Randomness… Out of design…

A study by researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University has brought science one step closer to a molecular-level understanding of how patterns form in living tissue. The researchers engineered bacteria that, when incubated and grown, exhibited stochastic Turing patterns: a “lawn” of synthesized bacteria in a petri dish fluoresced an irregular pattern of red polka dots on a field of green.

Researchers showed that the stochastic Turing model is driven by randomness. In the study, scientists demonstrated both experimentally and theoretically that Turing patterns do in fact occur in living tissues – but with a twist. Where the instability that generates the patterns in Turing’s model is defined as a high diffusion ratio between two chemicals, an activator and an inhibitor, in this study, researchers demonstrate that it’s actually randomness – which would in most experiments be considered background noise – that generates what Goldenfeld has coined a stochastic Turing pattern. (1)

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Trying to design bacteria.

So that they are unstable.

And they generate stable patterns…

Chaos births Order.

In the same way Order generates Chaos.

The world is One.

Moving in circles.

Every single moment.

Circles around itself.

Circles around an invisible point of nothingness.

Containing everything and nothing at the same time.

Watch these tigers waiting behind the bushes.

No, they are not trying to hide behind the trees.

They are the trees…

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