Do you feel judged? Do you feel bad? Do you like plastic flowers?

Photo by Spiros Kakos from Pexels

Modern times can be really stressful.

Many times you find yourself under criticism.

A lot of times things go the wrong way.

And at that points in time, you start judging yourself.

Feeling useless.

Because someone else is.

Feeling inadequate.

Because someone else is.

Feeling responsible.

Because someone else is not.

Do not feel this way. Try to remember. We live in dark times. Where psychosis (for money, success, work in the expense of love, caring etc) has become mainstream. Where evil (in the form of not caring, pressing others to achieve what you alone cannot etc) has been re-branded as toughness. Where stupidity (millions of examples here) has been renamed as eccentricity.

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In a competition with fake plastic flowers, he who brings real flowers loses…

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