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Photo by Johannes Rapprich from Pexels

Contrary to widely-held opinion, taking high school calculus isn’t necessary for success later in college calculus – what’s more important is mastering the prerequisites, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry – that lead to calculus. That’s according to a study of more than 6,000 college freshmen at 133 colleges. (1)

Great line of reasoning. Except that we chose to stop it at a point of our choosing. How do you learn algebra, geometry, and trigonometry? Is it important to learn those or do you just need to learn their prerequisites as well?

Grothendieck, manuscripts, burning libraries..

Go back in the beginning.

To see that there is no prerequisite…

Based on nothing…

A cosmos was born…

You try to keep him alive.

But it really wants to die.

Don’t be sad.

Let that tear flow down your cheek…

Your life will soon end.

And that is the one and one prerequisite you will ever need to Be…

Knowledge is NOT power... (or: 知識は力ではありません) :)