Chess and Philosophy do not mix… (Or do they?)

Chess is fun…

As you might well know by now, Harmonia Philosophica is a philosophy portal.

But that hasn’t stopped us from posting from time to time other articles, for example articles related to programming. One successful series of tutorials one can find in this portal are chess programming tutorials based on Huo Chess open source program. Click here for more in this…

However we decided that is would be more clear for the readers to view all these tutorials in a different separate site.

Huo Chess is used in the chess programming tutorials

To that end, we proudly introduce the Chess Programming portal! (starting with a new chess programming tutorial for total beginners at “How to develop a chess program from scratch (for total beginners) Ep. 1“)

There, those interested in programming a chess program will find tutorials and resources to help them take their first steps into the magical world of chess programming! At the same time, Harmonia Philosophica will continue its existence as a more purely philosophical portal – although articles on the philosophy of chess are to be expected…

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Chess after all tests the limits of our brain and of our definitions about what intelligence is, makes us think about how intuition can play a role against pure calculations, even dares to touch the very essence of human nature and our desire for pleasure when a world champion declares that he hates it…

Existing tutorials will remain on Harmonia Philosophica portal as well, for continuity purposes.

Thank you all for your trust!


How about a nice game of chess?

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