Category: Babies

  • Calculating probabilities.

    Our whole life we must make decisions and weigh up probabilities of different events. By learning to estimate which event is more likely to happen, we become better at analyzing risks and benefits to guide our actions. But when do we start to gain a sense of stochasticity? Are babies even able to determine likelihood? […]

  • Babies categorizing colours…

    Researchers have revealed that infants aged between 5 and 7 months hold the representation of color categories in their brain, even before the acquisition of language. [1] We believe we have evolved and changed. But we are still that baby which tries to “categorize” everything it sees. Babies we still are. Trapped in the bodies […]

  • Babies. Beeps. Logos…

    Researchers have long known that adults can flexibly find new ways to communicate, for example, using smoke signals or Morse code to communicate at a distance, but a new Northwestern University study is the first to show that this same communicative flexibility is evident even in 6-month-olds. The researchers set out to discover whether infants […]

  • A deaf kid. A loving mother. A smile.

    A deaf boy listening to his mother for the first time with the help of a hearing aid… (1) Is that lifeless matter organized into something that gives us the impression of consciousness? Can we really degrade pure happiness and love into lifeless particles? How much more will we let our beliefs guide our thoughts? […]