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Harmonia Philosophica is a site dedicated to innovative philosophy, trying to show that dogmatism, under any form, is wrong. Click the links below to start your reading!

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Harmonia Philosophica contains a lot of important and innovative articles. Even though searching on your own is always the best way to discover what really interests you, this page is in any case a good starting point. A selection of some of its most popular or provocative articles can be found below.


Religion and Science Unification

Religion and science are not at war as some people believe, they are complementary tools to search for the truth!

Related presentation: Harmonia Philosophica – Why Religion is important


The Limits of Science

Science has inherent limitations, making it an inappropriate tool to examine the most important metaphysical questions of life.

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Harmonia Philosophica

The main thesis of Harmonia Philosophica, which explains how the irrational can be more rational than the rational, why non-thinking is the solution for thinking. The article containing the basis of all the ideas of Harmonia Philosophica philosophy program!


Why Medicine is Not a pro-Science argument

Do you believe medicine is the best proof that science is the best thing that happened in human civilization? Think again!


Happy new year, with disease and misery!

What defines health? And why that is good? Shestov has a surprising view on what we all think as a resolved issue… Question the obvious!


Why we need more bullfights!

Our civilization has lost connection to the one thing that defines life: death. And we must regain that connection if we want to be humans at all…


The need for non-Thinking

How thinking is best done by… non thinking. No, it is not a figure of speech. Go to the article. Do not think. Just go!


What IS a particle? A surprisingly difficult question…

Things we take for granted may conceal important gaps in our knowledge and inherent limitations of our science.


Heidegger, σκόλοπες and the road to accepting non-thinking…

Living can be difficult. We must all accept our obstacles (Gr. σκόλοπες) and just move on…


Science the New Religion: The NSF example

An article explaining how science has now become the new religion in the place of the old ones, which no one dares to question…


Are we free to choose haircut?

Surprising conclusions regarding our illusionary sense of freedom in modern “progressive” society…


Mind, Morphogenetic fields, Quantum physics…

How our mind can alter and define what we call reality – full of related research references and bibliography.


Why good people suffer

A difficult question. With difficult answers…

A must-read for anyone interested in ethics, death and the meaning of life…


How to easily win an atheist in a debate

An article containing all the main points in favor of religion and against atheism.

A master page of reference for all theists!


Earth at the center of the universe?

The unseen dogmatism of science is always found in the most surprising places. Nothing stays hidden under the Sun – or around it…


What does it take to believe in death?

Do you think that death is the end of life? Think again! The belief in death as people of commons sense believe it, is something based on multiple dogmatic beliefs regarding yet unsolved philosophical problems!


Articles’ List

A list with selections of some of the most important articles of Harmonia Philosophica. The current list of Popular Articles is just a tiny subset of the Articles’ List – which is in it’s turn a fraction of the total articles existing in Harmonia Philosophica


The source of Ethics

What is the source of ethics? What makes us think of good and bad, of evil and kindness? Is there a duty which urges us to act good, society or perhaps something deeper?


Beautiful Women…

Harmonia Philosophica is philosophy, but life is not only philosophy. There are numerous articles which are not philosophical. Then again, they could be the more philosophical ones. Exactly because they are not…


Acheloos. Greece. Old gods. Long forgotten…

Do you believe the past has passed? Think again. The old gods, are still here. With you. With me. In your everyday chores, when you breath, when you cry…

Look at that river again…


Allies trading with Hitler – Economic games during World War II

Among the ‘non-philosophical’ articles of the portal, there are numerous of historical significance; shedding light on historical events from an innovative point of view. One example is this article which refers to how the Allies often conducted business with the person who was considered their greatest enemy…


Browse Harmonia Philosophica by using the tags!

Click on the tags on the bottom of the page to search for topics related to them! Representative important tags you can start your search from: materialism, death, dogmatism, brain, living, science dogmatism, senses, thinking, wisdom, hypocrisy, One.


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