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  • Being logical in an illogical world…

    People rely on logic.But logic cannot explain anything. It cannot explain why the universe exists. “Logically” it shouldn’t.It cannot explain why our planet is here. “Logically” it shouldn’t.It cannot explain why we are here. “Logically” we shouldn’t. Stop being so logical.The cosmos is inherently illogical.

  • From the stars inside bacteria… (literally)

    Ancient bacteria may have chewed up the radioactive remains of a star that exploded more than 2 million years ago. [1] Iron-y is a fundamental part of the Cosmos. From being a powerful star, into the “guts” of the lowest living organism… Is there a more powerful way to illustrate the poetry of this world? […]

  • Gravity waves, Universe, Poetry…

    According to Einstein, we should expect to find this radiation everywhere in space. Gravity affects the shape of space and time. Paths of light and massive bodies curve under its influence. When something churns space-time with enough energy – say a supernova explosion or two black holes in orbit around each other – the distortion spreads out […]