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  • Pigeons, Ithaka, weird tales…

    The mystery of the “Bermuda Triangle” of the homing pigeon world may have been solved. For years, scientists have been baffled as to why the usually excellent navigators get lost when released from a particular site in New York State. The puzzle of the vanishing pigeons began in the 1960s. Professor Bill Keeton from Cornell […]

  • Why “antitheseis” exists.

    The world is full of things which are in “anti-thesis” (Gr. αντίθεση) with each other. And this results in some antiphasis (Gr. αντιφάσεις) which cannot be resolved and buffle us. But why should antithesis exist in the first place? The reason is simple: Our senses and our model of thinking is based on them. Without […]

  • Harmonia Philosophica (english)

    Harmonia Philosophica (english)

    The world is “ONE” as Parmenides postulated. If so, why do all philosophers disagree in many things? The answer proposed here is simple: that everyone is right! A new philosophical synthesis in which all philosophical ideas come together harmonically in one great reality. Based on the Greek article of Harmonia Philosophica, this is the English version of the article.