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  • Universal translator. Useless.

    Skype users will soon be able to conduct voice and video calls supported by a near-real time translation technology. And while it can’t yet guarantee that no fine detail will be lost in translation, Microsoft’s new idea for its video chat platform surely feels like something straight out of science fiction. No longer will our hopes […]

  • Mathematics, Babel, 数学!

    A Kazakh mathematician’s claim to have solved a problem worth a million dollars is proving hard to evaluate – in part because it is not written in English. (1) Mukhtarbay Otelbayev of the Eurasian National University in Astana, Kazakhstan, says he has proved the Navier-Stokes existence and smoothness problem, which concerns equations that are used to […]

  • Understanding = Destroying. [Shestov/ Procrustes]

    World’s oldest creature is revealed to be 507-year-old shellfish called Ming – until scientists KILLED it by opening it up to check its age. (1, 2) Knowing something means destroying it, as Shestov has said (read “Harmonia Philosophica” article). Understanding something means crushing it so that we can put it into the little boxes we […]

  • Blood tests, suicide, the unexplained…

    Could a blood test predict whether a person is at risk of committing suicide? For the first time, a set of proteins in the blood have been linked to suicidal behaviour. People who commit suicide appear to share a number of biological traits, regardless of any underlying conditions. This hints that suicidal behaviour may be […]

  • Look inside, to see the stars…

    Ancient rises in sea levels and global warming are partially attributable to cyclical activity below Earth’s surface, researchers from New York University and Ottawa’s Carleton University have concluded in a geological study. [1] Changes within deep inside related to phenomena seen on the outside. Too simple to be wrong. And the simple things are the […]